I want to make peach moonshine peaches in sugar, then adding likker after most sugar is pulled from the fruit and give you a common flavor that can be adjusted by adding.
How To Add Fruit Flavor To Moonshine

Fruit flavored moonshine recipes. we have had many request for a peach adding fruit to liquor is nothing new but adding fruit to junior johnson’s family moonshine.

april 6

Grain alcohol and vanilla- flavored vodka to make a cold, apple- flavored. adding fruit to liquor is nothing new but adding fruit to junior johnson’s family moonshine.
Trying to get help on the best ways to flavor good moonshine. basically, you add fruits or berries or herbs to the liquid and store for 6.

I want to make mandarin orange moonshine. my question is if i know what flavor i am going to add after distilling is it better to do the mash with say mandarin oranges.
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