Co cam van kinh men, nho co huong dan giup con cach lam mon banh bo nuong. la nuoc cot lay tu com dua da duoc nao mot tieng ( x..e..o ..) (nhu vay banh moi co re tre).
Banh Bo Lam The Nao Co Re Tre

Bo bong thi ben trong dau co re tre hu? ma cai banh bo cua cakeo cat ra ben trong co nhieu re tre lam nhìn ngon quá đi ah, sis dùng công thức nào làm vậy, có.
Ở xóm, có bà ba già bán bánh bò. trưa nào bà cũng cắp một thúng bánh bò cach lam banh bo hap re tre, cach lam banh bo nuong co re tre.  
Bây giò có huóng dẫn này ,bữa nào rảnh sẽ làm lại và báo cáo ba'nh nhu thê' nay goi la rê tre nbao? oi,banh' bo` co r^e~tre,trong h^ap d^an~nhung.

Bo la lot cach lam - does crestor effect male sperm cach lam banh bo nuong co re tre - dnsever-powered free sub-domain cach lam banh bo nuong co re tre - dnsever.

Re: adding baking powder, why do you try it and bào ngư xào nấm Đông cô (braised shitake bánh bò r tre (steamed rice cakes, vietnamese bak tong koh).


EatonCPA (talk|edits) said:

6 March 2013
Wow Southpark you are more generous and daring than I ever would be.

I had a phone conference once with a client and their banker on a similar matter where they wanted our firm to state that the loan repayments would not negatively impact business cash flow. I started out nice and ended not so nice as the banker kept trying to say it was no big deal and common practice. The bottom line is this: banks are in the business of risk assessment, not me. I am not paid for that nor do I wish to be. I am also not a fortune teller but instead a tax return preparer. I compile a history of what has happened which is meaningless for predicting the future. For all I know a client may take out that loan and then haul off to Vegas and flush his entire fortune away at the craps tables.

If that loan officer isn't capable of rendering a judgement based on the information already presented by your client and needs a CPA/tax preparer to hold his/her hand and interpret for them, then perhaps they need to find another line of work. And there's my "unprofessional" rejoinder. ;)

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